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Hylocereus Stenopterus and Hylocereus undatus. It is one of three hybrid clones created by German hybridizer Eckhard Meier. The other two types are Connie Mayer and Kathie Van Arum. The stems are three sided and tender a first like its mother plant Hylocereus stenopterus with tiny single thorns. The purple/pink flower is self-sterile and need cross pollination.
The fruits are relatively small and plentiful. The average weight is 0.25 to 0.75 pounds and the green skin with pink hue and lemon-lime green fins. The flesh is white and the longer the fruit is on the vine, the sweeter it is. It has great complex of Mango Coconut with a slight tart and Brix was reported 18-22

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We are currently not selling dragon fruit cuttings. Our plants are still young, and we are waiting on them to start producing.

Selling fruit plants true to type is our top priority. Once our plants mature and we can verify the fruit we will notify all those who subscribed.
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