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This listing is for a 1 Yr. Old Seedling, Israeli Variety. These trees produce SWEET CHOCOLATE PODS. Easy to grow!! They tolerate both cold and heat/drought.

The pods make the perfect chocolate replacement and are already sweet!!

The seedlings you will receive are about 10″-14″ Tall with a healthy strong root system.
Last year we bought a pound of Carob from a grower in California

The pods were thin and barely had any flavor, the ones we buy in Israel are darker, thicker, and sweeter than the ones we received from California.

Check out the photos.
History of Carob: Carob growing in their native habitat can be found in the Middle East, where it has been cultivated for over 4,000 years. Carob growing has also been referred to in the Bible and was known to the ancient Greeks as well. In the Bible, the carob tree is also called St. John’s bean or locust bean in reference to the “locusts” eaten by John the Baptist, which were represented by the hanging pods or legumes of the plant.

Cultivated around the world for its sweet and nutritious fruits, carob seeds were once used to weigh gold, which is where the word ‘carat’ is derived. The Spanish brought carob growing to Mexico and South America, and the British introduced carob trees to South Africa, India and Australia. Introduced into the United States in 1854, carob trees are now a familiar sight throughout California where its warm, drier climate is ideal for carob growing.

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