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Hylocereus Guatemalensis. This variety is a cross between a Nicaraguan and Guatemalan Pitahaya and is considered to be one of the better tasting varieties at the Pitaya Festival held in Southern California. Condor is a fast grower when provided with ideal conditions. The stems are three-sided with small thorns, typical looking of Hylocereus Guatemalensis. heavy pruning is recommended. The flowers of Condor are very similar to other H. Guatemalensis and are self-pollinating.
The fruit is large with bright purple flesh. The exterior skin is light green with pink hues that gets a little darker as the bright fruit becomes ripe. Average weight 1 to 1.5 pounds, and average brix 19.

Please note:

We are currently not selling dragon fruit cuttings. Our plants are still young, and we are waiting on them to start producing.

Selling fruit plants true to type is our top priority. Once our plants mature and we can verify the fruit we will notify all those who subscribed.
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