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Hylocereus Costaricensis


Hylocereus Costaricensis – H. Costaricensis. This plant is known for having some of the largest stems, and a beautiful round fruit. It is unfortunate that the flowers are not self-pollinating or it would have been the perfect plant. The fruit has a red skin fading with green fins that curl away and down from the fruit. It has a deep red flesh that taste like a sweet tropical Lychee/kiwi. The average weight is 0.75 – 1 Lbs. Brix reported 18-24 depends on stage of ripeness.

Please note:

We are currently not selling dragon fruit cuttings. Our plants are still young, and we are waiting on them to start producing.

Selling fruit plants true to type is our top priority. Once our plants mature and we can verify the fruit we will notify all those who subscribed.
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