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Cosmic Charlie


Hylocereus Guatemalensis and Hylocereus undatus. This variety also called 2S is a seedling created by Paul Thomson. The 2S is a cross between Rixford a purple-fleshed variety, and Niezel, a white-fleshed variety. This variety suppose be self-fertile. However, some claim it is sterile. and needs to be hand-pollinated with another variety.
This variety is a fast grower. This variety produces a large purple-fleshed fruit with a Very juicy sweet cherry or grape-like flavor. Average weight 1 – 1.5 pounds. Average brix 18-19.

Please note:

We are currently not selling dragon fruit cuttings. Our plants are still young, and we are waiting on them to start producing.

Selling fruit plants true to type is our top priority. Once our plants mature and we can verify the fruit we will notify all those who subscribed.
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