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Frankie’s Red


Selenicereus Megalanthus and Hylocereus Polyrhizus. Aka Orange Dwarf (Hawaiian).
The stems are narrow compared to other varieties the fruit of is very similar in shape and size when compared to Columbiana fruit. When the fruit emerges, it turns from a green to yellow then orange. The color of the flesh when ready to eat is red with white highlights in the center of the fruit. The fruit also has an amazing sweetness with an average brix rating of 21.
The stems of the plant are small and grow in long segments. They are dark green in color, three-sided, and have small thick spins. This variety is from Hawaii and is self-pollinating making easy for the fruit to set. Spicy Exotics acquired two plants of this variety from two different tropical nurseries that are both in California.

Please note:

We are currently not selling dragon fruit cuttings. Our plants are still young, and we are waiting on them to start producing.

Selling fruit plants true to type is our top priority. Once our plants mature and we can verify the fruit we will notify all those who subscribed.
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